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Largest crow-sound-archive of the web  
The Crow - the movie
staring Brandon Lee
The Crow - City of Angels
staring Vincent Perez
cool sayings & dialoges
sample of Score- and Soundtrack-music (samples only)
sample of Score- and Soundtrack-music (samples only)

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The Crow: Stairway to Heaven
staring Mark Dacascos

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trailers & saying & dialoges:
EPISODE 10 - 13
EPISODE 14 - 16

This page contains all fan-relevant sounds of 2 Crow-movies and the TV-series.
They are downloadable in WAV (GSM 6.10) , AIFF (MacIntosh) and some sayings are in MP3

NO FILE is over 1 MB --- easy downloadable!

Total runtime OVER 3 hours  ...

BUT - they have NOT high quality. They can be used for the opening-themes of Windows or Mac-OS, but they are only for
and ... trust me ... f.e. the song-samples existing on this site are here ONLY to give you all an IMPRESSION/
a short first sight of which tracks are on the CD's ... they are USELESS for further use ...

This site is running by a hugh Crow-fan, NOT any company!
If you want to use the logos here, gimme credit, - I designed them ...
I don't want to get in trouble with copyrights, so you will NOT find here MP3 with CD-quality.
Sample-rates were 22 KHz, 16 bit, most is mono ...and most with a compression, that makes them small,
but not sounding any better.

Special THANKS to Brandon Lee (we all miss you), James O'Barr, Graeme Revell, Mark Dacascos, The Ed Pressman Company (which was contacted and owns the copyrights) and all other Crow-related persons all over the world ... you still make the Crow-mythos stay alive!

If you miss some sayings or want to send any comments, contact the webmaster: