The CROW I ---- AIFF for Apple-sounds

This is for those of you, who have a MacIntosh-system and cannot play the wave-files I have on my site ...
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AIFFs ... compressed, some sayings of the Crow I movie

Size (KB)
alldead.aif 70 aiff- "They are all dead, they just don't know it yet ..."
eachone.aif 120 aiff- "Each one of these is a life, a life you helped destroy ..."
ericlaugh.aif 160 aiff- Eric's big laugh after the jump from the roof
goldring.aif 70 aiff- "I am looking for an engagement-ring, gold"
haveme.aif 60 aiff- "You can have me, I won't fight you ..."
Irepeat.aif 80 aiff- "I repeat, a gold engament-ring, --- yes?"
let_her_go.aif 90 aiff- "Let her go!"
nameshelly.aif 33 aiff- "Her name was Shelly!"
regards.aif 60 aiff- "Eric Draven sends his regards!"
remember.aif 150 aiff- "LISTEN --- sure you remeber ... you killed them, on halloween!"
schreigrab.aif 210 aiff- Eric leaves his grave --- painful
shellywebster.aif 160 aiff- "You don't remember me? What about Shelly? Do you remember Shelly Webster?"
victims2.aif 90 aiff- "Victims, aren't we all?"


No files here have less quality then 22 kHz!!!

Hope you enjoy the sounds!


Note: only for personal-use and ... trust me ... f.e. the song-samples existing on this site are here ONLY to give you all an IMPRESSION/
a short first sight of which tracks are on the CD's ... they are USELESS for further use ...

This site is running by a hugh Crow-fan, NOT any company!
If you want to use the logos here, gimme credit, - I designed them ...
I don't want to get in trouble with copyrights, so you will NOT find here MP3 with CD-quality.
Sample-rates were 22 KHz, 16 bit, most is mono ...and most with a compression, that makes them small,
but not sounding any better.

Special THANKS to Brandon Lee (we all miss you), James O'Barr, Graeme Revell, Mark Dacascos, The Ed Pressman Company (which was contacted and owns the copyrights) and all other Crow-related persons all over the world ... you still make the Crow-mythos stay alive!