The CROW I ---- STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN ---- TV-series

Well, I contacted Pressman Corp. (own the copyrights) and asked them, if they disagree with me doing this: recording the sound of the TV-series ... They never replied, so I guess, THEY DON'T DISAGREE ... and so here it is: The STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN ------ largest sound-archive!!!!!!!! It is a really COOL series and when you listen to this sayings and dialogs I am sure, that you will see it, too!!! Just click on the names and download ...
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Size (KB)
ThemeSTH.wav 260 WAVE- Theme of STH with the voices --- lower quality
ThemevoiceMP3.wav 800 MP3 Opening-Theme of STH with the voices ---- higher quality
ThemepureMP3.wav 540 MP3 Ending-Theme without the voices ---- good quality

  EP 10: "Death wish"


Size (KB)
ep10damnedlost.wav 95 sad at the grave: "Nothing is working!"
ep10deadtoo.wav 200 Funny Cassey: "Are you dead too? ..."
ep10clean.wav 310 Funny in the loft, Cassey: "You should clean it ..."
ep10honey.wav 17 Funny "Honey?"
ep10ghost.wav 60 Funny Sarah doesn't believe in ghosts
ep10babysit.wav 60 Funny Sarah: "You want me to babysit a ghost ..."
ep10explain.wav 60 statem. "things not explainable ... every day"
ep10kid.wav 420 sad Father visits his kid on loft
ep10graveyard.wav 20 Funny "This is a graveyard ...!"
ep10scared.wav 54 Funny Cassey: "I am a big boy now ...!"
ep10daylight.wav 50 Funny manager: "spooky on the daylight ..."
ep10god.wav 30 Funny Man: "God speaks ...!"

EP 11: "Through a Dark Circle"


Size (KB)
ep11sceptic.wav 50 statem. "I was used to be sceptic ..."
ep11expected.wav 30 statem. Willbanks: "Death is never be expected ...!"
ep11wounded.wav 170 pain Sarah: "You need some bandages ...!"
ep11didthis.wav 120 sad "It did this ...!"
ep11song1.wav 46 song soundcheck ...
ep11song2.wav 210 song by ?????????
ep11hell.wav 150 crazy Willbank's last words
ep11mywoman.wav 90 sad Albrecht is mad on Eric
ep11shadow.wav 33 statem. Willbanks: "The shadows last ...!"
ep11knowme.wav 90 scary "Now you know me ..."
ep11darkness.wav 60 warn Nytmare: "Darkness is permanent ..."
ep11trapped.wav 65 scary the land of the damned ...
ep11weak.wav 74 statem. Albrecht: "You are getting weaker ..."
ep11hurts.wav 16 statem. Willbanks: "... for eternity!"
ep11pet.wav 30 statem. "It is not like this ..."
ep11worry.wav 50 statem. "You don't have to worry about me anymore!"
ep11likeme.wav 90 poem "Darkness has no eyes and revenge ..."
ep11pay.wav 20 sad "We all have to pay, for what we have done ..."

EP 12: "Disclosure"  

Size (KB)
ep12kungfu.wav 300 Funny a gangster at police-station tells about Eric-meeting ...
ep12wicked.wav 40 poem "He said: 'A hand that serves the wicked mind ...'"
ep12investigation.wav 80 statem. Cop: "... I think, it is a cop ...!"
ep12song1.wav 130 Song by Ram Zero ???
ep12face.wav 30 Funny "He can't resist a pretty face ...!"
ep12chair.wav 25 Funny "Try dieing first ..."
ep12yourself.wav 25 Funny "... just be yourself!"
ep12used.wav 70 angry "I am a murder-victim ... reasons beyond ..."
ep12redemption.wav 25 statem. ... "I believe in redemption ..."
ep12fired.wav 15 Funny Murrane: "Guess what, ... you are fired again."
ep12heaven.wav 50 statem. "Send her to heaven ..."
ep12tried.wav 20 Funny "Tried it, didn't liked it ..."
ep12oneway.wav 100 statem. Albrecht: "You have one way out of it ..."
ep12lies.wav 15 statem. "I don't run from lies ..."

EP 13: "People vs. Eric Draven"  

Size (KB)
ep13honeymoon.wav 210 story "We haven't had much of a honeymoon ..."
ep13witness.wav 240 story Lawyer gets the story told by Eric ...
ep13song1.wav 125 Song by ??????????
ep13off.wav 20 statem. Sarah: "You are better off than Eric ..."
ep13reallife.wav 45 statem. Sarah: "What is a better class than the real life ...!"
ep13gothic.wav 130 statem. Prosecution: "He is a gothic-rocker, obsessed with death ...
ep13love.wav 50 statem. Defense: "He loved her ..."
ep13sixth.wav 50 sad Albrecht: "She was more concerned about him ...!"
ep13act.wav 30 Funny Albrecht: "My experience ... even caught in the act ..."
ep13sucks.wav 47 angry "You see their eyes rolling? ..."
ep13pencil.wav 50 Funny reason without doubt
ep13bitch.wav 70 statem. Funboy: "He wanted me to kill the bitch ..."
ep13window.wav 75 statem. Funboy: "... he is the guy we throw out of the window ..."
ep13suffer.wav 80 statem. Funboy: "He said, the bitch didn't suffer enough ...
ep13truth.wav 90 Funny Lawyer: "You signed your own death-award ..."
ep13precious.wav 15 mad Lawyer: ... your precious Shelly Webster ..."
ep13lied.wav 100 mad Lawyer: "You lied about ...!"
ep13god.wav 40 mad "Personally I don't think, he is involved ..."
ep13freakout.wav 40 statem. Lawyer: "Look, whatever you are ...!"
ep13kindof.wav 40 funny Past: "I am getting used to you ..."
ep13landof.wav 50 statem. Sarah: "He said, he was in the land of the dead ..."
ep13setthings.wav 84 statem. Prosecution: "So he came back to save the world ...?"
ep13easy.wav 80 mad "The truth for a change ..."
ep13albrecht.wav 110 mad "You better shot me in front of the jury, instead of ..."
ep13missme.wav 45 funny "So you just missed me, hah?"


No files here have less quality then 22 kHz!!!
Prefere the MP3-sounds, if possible, - they sound better and are STEREO! They are marked with a yellow color!!!!! (But you need a MP3-player to play them ...

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Hope you enjoy the sounds!

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but not sounding any better.

Special THANKS to Brandon Lee (we all miss you), James O'Barr, Graeme Revell, Mark Dacascos, The Ed Pressman Company (which was contacted and owns the copyrights) and all other Crow-related persons all over the world ... you still make the Crow-mythos stay alive!