The CROW ---- STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN ---- TV-series

Well, I contacted Pressman Corp. (own the copyrights) and asked them, if they disagree me doing this: recording the sound of the TV-series ... They never replied, so I guess, THEY DON'T DISAGREE ... and so here it is: The STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN ------ largest sound-archive!!!!!!!! It is a really COOL series and when you listen to this sayings and dialogs I am sure, that you will see it, too!!! Just click on the names and download ...
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Size (KB)
ThemeSTH.wav 260 WAVE- Theme of STH with the voices --- lower quality
ThemevoiceMP3.wav 800 MP3 Opening-Theme of STH with the voices ---- higher quality
ThemepureMP3.wav 540 MP3 Ending-Theme without the voices ---- good quality

  EP 14: "It's a Wonderful Death"


Size (KB)
ep14moveon.wav 280 sad "Tell Shelly, she should move on without me ..."
ep14call.wav 70 doubt Eric makes a call to Shelly ...
ep14wouped.wav 5 funny Bandmember: "That boy will be wouped ...!"
ep14imissedyou.wav 230 happy Eric meets Shelly again
ep14stopthem.wav 130 statem. Eric tries to explain it to Shelly
ep14trick.wav 70 funny Sarah's trick to get Albrecht into it ...
ep14miracle.wav 40 funny Sarah: "...miracle recovering!"
ep14standing.wav 16 funny arrest for standing outside a building ... too bad
ep14more.wav 25 statem. "Your girlfriend?" --- "more than that ...!"
ep14icecreme.wav 50 sad Sarah: "aha, 'ice-creme' ...!"
ep14special.wav 80 sad "We have something special ...!"
ep14song3.wav 120 song by Hangman's Joke
ep14school.wav 16 funny Sarah: "I do anything to avoid school!"
ep14ride.wav 18 funny Sarah: "You expect me to ride in this heep?"
ep14precrow.wav 210 sad Discussion with Skullcowboy, angry Eric
ep14saint.wav 180 sad Skullboy: "You will be alone, a saint ...!"
ep14nolove.wav 275 sad "I don't love you, Shelly ..."
ep14mean.wav 120 mad "The Crow will find you ... message to T-Bird.."
ep14song4.wav 180 song by Delirium
ep14candy.wav 30 funny "Sorry, no candy ..."
ep14deadfreak.wav 85 poem "I am the flame, that burns your soul ..."
ep14sentimental.wav 30 funny "Check out the Blackout ... sentimental I guess!"
ep14halloween.wav 20 funny Halloween tomorrow ... "Nevermind!"
ep14songforshelly.wav 328 song Eric sings his song for her on the BLACKOUT
ep14noidea.wav 70 love Shelly: "The most beautiful song I ever heard ...!"
ep141000lifes.wav 210 sad "If it takes 1000 life-times, ... I will find you again ...!"
ep14refuse.wav 35 sad "It is not death, if you refuse it ..."
ep14fix.wav 35 sad "It happend ...!"
ep14path.wav 35 sad "I can accept, what I am suppose to do, but ..."
ep14talk.wav 14 funny Skullcowboy: "What should we talk about next time ...?"

  EP 15: "Birds of a Feather"


Size (KB)
ep15difference.wav 40 statem. 'You have to say?' -- "Would it make any difference?"
ep15birdfree.wav 30 funny L.: "You are as free as a bird ..."
ep15song1.wav 230 song by Mad Girl
ep15sucked.wav 70 funny Sarah: "That was the part that sucked ..."
ep15feather.wav 60 funny Sarah: "... Even crows get lonely sometimes ...!
ep15song2.wav 110 song by Transister
ep15vip.wav 50 funny Girl: "...I'm a VIP ..." -- "I am a crow ...!"
ep15picture.wav 16 statem. Hannah: "Take a picture, it don't last longer."
ep15more.wav 56 statem. "Shelly was just victim ... I was more ..."
ep15murder.wav 170 statem. "...It is called a murder of crows ..."
ep15guide.wav 40 statem. "The Crow is my spirit-guide ..."
ep15heal.wav 23 funny Hannah: "...if we are crows, we can fly ..."
ep15whore.wav 280 funny Hannah drops her first victim
ep15fool.wav 85 statem. Albrecht doesn't want to help Eric
ep15opinion.wav 130 funny " ... to live or die ... done both, want my opinion?"
ep15redemption.wav 20 statem. "not about revenge ... it is about redemption!"
ep15neverright.wav 75 angry "The HELL I DON'T ... it will never be right ...!"
ep15freshair.wav 24 funny Hannah: "I was dead for a year, need a little fresh air ..."
ep15crowdance.wav 80 funny Snake: "Two Crow for the prize of one ...!"
ep15nest.wav 110 statem. Hannah: "We are a couple of sorry birds, ...nest of our own ..."

EP 16: "Never say 'die'"  

Size (KB)
ep16elvis.wav 50 funny Sarah talks with a priest about Elvis...
ep16goofing.wav 65 funny Sarah with priest again about dead
ep16candle.wav 35 funny Sarah: " getting kind of heavy ..."
ep16privileg.wav 270 statem. Russian: "... I can learn about death from you ..."
ep16rasputin.wav 25 statem. "Rasputin didn't know everything ..."
ep16god.wav 25 statem. Priest Peter: "Do you believe in god ...?"
ep16deathandi.wav 30 statem. "just ... death and I go way back ..."
ep16both.wav 55 statem. "... the darkness is not beig enough for both of us?..."
ep16ducky.wav 35 funny "Just ducky ... hang on on this."
ep16close.wav 110 funny "Truth rises ... we are closed ...!"
ep16stranger.wav 10 statem. "I am no stranger to darkness ..."


No files here have less quality then 22 kHz!!!
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Hope you enjoy the sounds!

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but not sounding any better.

Special THANKS to Brandon Lee (we all miss you), James O'Barr, Graeme Revell, Mark Dacascos, The Ed Pressman Company (which was contacted and owns the copyrights) and all other Crow-related persons all over the world ... you still make the Crow-mythos stay alive!