The CROW I ---- STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN ---- TV-series

Well, I contacted Pressman Corp. (own the copyrights) and asked them, if they disagree me doing this: recording the sound of the TV-series ... They never replied, so I guess, THEY DON'T DISAGREE ... and so here it is: The STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN ------ largest sound-archive!!!!!!!! It is a really COOL series and when you listen to this sayings and dialogs I am sure, that you will see it, too!!! Just click on the names and download ...
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Size (KB)
themesth.wav 260 WAVE- Theme of STH with the voices --- lower quality
themevoicemp3.wav 800 MP3 Opening-Theme of STH with the voices ---- higher quality
themepuremp3.wav 540 MP3 Ending-Theme without the voices ---- good quality

  DIALOGS and cool sayings of the series:

EP1: "Soul can't rest"  

Size (KB)
ep01intro.wav 390 Sad Eric meets Shelly in the land of the dead
ep01crossworlds.wav 90 statem. First words to Eric
ep01stupidgraves.wav 60 S/F Sarah: "... stupid graves!"
ep01song1a.wav 130 Song Crystal Method: Eric stucks through the streets
ep01nobody.wav 30 Statem. "I am nobody! Just like you!"
ep01ericsong.wav 200 Song Eric sings for Shelly his song (solo)
ep01shellypoem.wav 215 poem Shelly reads the poem to Eric
ep01gideon.wav 420 Funny Kidding with Gideon
ep01song1b.wav 70 Song Featuring: Crystal Method
ep01funboy.wav 230 Funny Kidding with Funboy
ep01birdy.wav 30 Funny scared by a little birdy
ep01shadows.wav 60 poem "Shadows smile ...!"
ep01costumer.wav 15 Funny "One to a costumer ..."
ep01killme.wav 42 Funny "Wonna kill me?"
ep01number.wav 40 Funny "... take a number."
ep01sarah.wav 340 Sad first dialog with Sarah
ep01crime.wav 10 Funny Eric Draven? - "Right, it's a crime?"
ep01throughhell.wav 10 statem. Sarah: "... He has been through hell!"
ep01iam.wav 70 statem. Talking with Albrecht: "Here I am ...!"
ep01noidea.wav 50 statem. "Between life and death? You have no idea!"
ep01song3.wav 200 Song Featuring: Hugo
ep01birdman.wav 30 Funny "Birdman didn't stay dead ...!"
ep01complain.wav 40 Funny "Complain to the management ..."
ep01interrupt.wav 15 Funny "Hope I am not interrupting!"
ep01shellyreg.wav 20 angry "Shelly sends her regards!"
ep01changed.wav 40 Sad "Things have changed ..."

EP 2: "Souled out"


Size (KB)
ep02murder.wav 40 Funny Mase: "That's going to be messy ..."
ep02garbage.wav 80 Angry Mase: "Kill this bird!"
ep02whyshelly.wav 60 Angry "Why Shelly?" ... "Because ..."
ep02hangman.wav 250 Song Song Hangman's Joke played when Eric meets Shelly the first time
ep02firsttime.wav 200 Funny Eric meets Shelly the first time
ep02beginning.wav 50 Sad "...beginning of the next one ..."
ep02carbonized.wav 60 statem. something real strange on the Blackout
ep02start.wav 70 Sad "... sadness ... a start!"
ep02worry.wav 160 Angry Erics 'meeting' with Hangman's Joke
ep02problem.wav 60 statem. "I am not your problem ..."
ep02tape.wav 20 Sad "Guy on tape ... it is me ..."
ep02talk.wav 70 sad Albrecht shows Eric the tape
ep02prove.wav 140 dialog Albrecht and Eric in the loft
ep02advice.wav 170 Funny Albrecht + Eric: the deal ...
ep02artist.wav 40 Funny compensation for the song
ep02mightbe.wav 30 Funny Mase: "Walks and talks like a duck, but it might be a crow ...!"
ep02handle.wav 30 Funny "I was dead ... Rock'n Roll can't handle that?"
ep02carieer.wav 20 Funny Mase: "Death for life into a carieer!"
ep02lesson.wav 50 Funny Mase: "You hate, kill, it comes back ... well...!"
ep02supernatural.wav 50 Funny "... I am supernatural!"
ep02afraid.wav 40 Funny "Funny way to show me that ..."
ep02you.wav 14 Funny "I believe, you didn't ..."
ep02anonymous.wav 22 Funny Sarah: "... anonymous? Right place here!"
ep02goodcrow.wav 45 Funny Mase: "...just like the good little Crow he is!"
ep02song1.wav 150 Song Featuring: ???????
ep02makeme.wav 40 angry "YOU make me like this!"
ep02stucked.wav 70 glad Mase: "Your souls are stucked, hehehe."
ep02eternity.wav 150 statem. Mase tried to convent Eric
ep02over.wav 60 glad Mase: "It is over, Draven!"
ep02poemboth.wav 380 sad Eric & Shelly read the poem together

EP 3: "Get a life"


Size (KB)
ep03folk.wav 150 statem. Sarah find out: he has to help other
ep03here.wav 110 sad "She is here ...!"
ep03portal.wav 110 sad The portal opens for a while
ep03floor.wav 31 Funny Eric debates with the manager of the loft
ep03money.wav 210 Funny Eric needs money to pay the rent
ep03franklindead.wav 200 statem. Sarah and Darla talking about death
ep03alife.wav 20 Funny "alife ... not technically"
ep03job.wav 35 statem. "Just doing my job!"
ep03drive.wav 60 Funny explaination or drive?
ep03rent.wav 60 Funny Eric still needs money
ep03notrouble.wav 35 Funny "...don't know, what to make with me ..."
ep03hidden.wav 180 Funny Dialog why hidding Gil
ep03neverunder.wav 10 statem. Franklin: "... a despaireded man ..."
ep03notsimple.wav 25 sad "It is not that simple ..."
ep03hopeless.wav 100 Funny kidding with bodyguards
ep03missed.wav 80 Funny kidding: "Look, you missed me ..."
ep03liedie.wav 23 angry "You lie, you die ..."
ep03waiting.wav 40 sad Shelly: "As long as it takes!"

EP 4: "Like it's 1999"


Size (KB)
ep04song1.wav 180 Song by Rob ZOMBIE
ep04introdution.wav 60 statem. Eric and Sarah met the first time
ep04friends.wav 40 Funny Sarah's definition of friends
ep04crashparties.wav 130 Funny Albrecht asks for help
ep04tubes.wav 60 statem. boss: "Crashes whole America ..."
ep04song2.wav 95 song by BIFF NAKED
ep04helpme.wav 45 statem. Eric asks Crow-bird for help
ep04tradesecret.wav 20 Funny "Have to work on the power ..."
ep04sins.wav 170 Funny Eric begging for mercy ...
ep04confess.wav 80 Funny Jase: "... to confess EVERYTHING you want ...!"
ep04song+pressure.wav 60 song/f by "Following 5000" ---Eric enters a party
ep04aloha.wav 90 Funny Eric with a bomb

EP 5: "Voices"


Size (KB)
ep05lightning.wav 60 statem. Introduction of the lightning-boy
ep05song1.wav 65 song by ??????????????
ep05sleep.wav 130 sad over-training to get 'sleep'
ep05spaceout.wav 40 statem. Eric lost in memories ...
ep05song2.wav 117 song by ??????????
ep05faith.wav 260 sad Jesse connected with Shelly
ep05machoman.wav 125 Funny kidding with the boxers
ep05show.wav 40 Funny Doc: "Should get him into the show ..."
ep05friends.wav 326 sad Eric tries to contact Shelly through Jesse
ep05see-er.wav 288 sad The past: a prophecy of love-prove
ep05howlong.wav 75 sad Shelly speaking through Jesse
ep05visit.wav 66 evil suicide command for Jesse
ep05goodboy.wav 90 Funny Kidding with boxer again
ep05bleed.wav 100 Funny knife-kidding
ep05control.wav 110 sad talking about getting life back as it was ...
ep05voices.wav 80 sad Jesse: " ... don't mean they are gone ..."

EP 6: "Solitude Revenge"

Size (KB)
ep06sentimental.wav 35 Funny Kassler: "old pump-gun - sentimental..."
ep06messy.wav 35 Funny "... This could be messy."
ep06dingey.wav 30 Funny "... Swim ...?"
ep06dialog1.wav 240 sad Albrecht with Eric waiting during 'hunting'
ep06shelly.wav 100 past: Shelly and Eric decide to move to the loft
ep06lifechange.wav 210 sad Albrecht and Eric again
ep06darkroom.wav 50 Past: moving to the new loft ...
ep06offiland.wav 70 Funny leaving the hiding-place
ep06fruitbasket.wav 75 Funny Albrecht sees the dingey
ep06shot.wav 80 Funny Albrecht: "...You were shot ...!"
ep06newplayer.wav 140 Funny Kidding Crow ...
ep06overloaded.wav 260 SAD Shot overloaded Eric --- despaired
ep06nopulse.wav 10 Funny Albrecht notice that ...
ep06goodguys.wav 25 Funny Kassler: "looks like a dead guy ..."
ep06surprise.wav 7 Funny "Would you like to ...?"
ep06weird.wav 90 Funny "It is weird for me, too!"
ep06ouch.wav 55 Funny "Hello ...!"

EP 7: "Double Take"  

Size (KB)
ep07source.wav 50 Funny Shelly: "More like a bird every day ..."
ep07back.wav 40 statem. "Maybe Shelly came back, too ..."
ep07gunstore.wav 340 Funny How to get info from a gunstore ...
ep07inside.wav 70 Funny the summerplace ...
ep07kidnapped.wav 45 Funny Sarah: "He never had the weekends off ... so ..."
ep07afterdeath.wav 100 sad Woman: "Do you believe in ...?"

EP 8: "Give me Death"

Size (KB)
ep08skullcowboy.wav 530 dialog Skullcowboy: "Time to move on ...!"
ep08goodbye1.wav 120 sad Says to India good-bye
ep08lookgood.wav 80 statem. Shane: "You look good in black or in white ...!"
ep08goodbye2.wav 340 s/f says good-bye to Albrecht and gets a phone
ep08shelly.wav 190 serious Shelly and the portal
ep08suppose.wav 200 dialog Asking Skullcowboy for advice
ep08sadsarah.wav 160 sad Albrecht is consoling Sarah
ep08holdme.wav 14 sad Shelly and Eric about themselfes
ep08pandora.wav 320 sad Eric wants Shelly out of the trouble
ep08funeral.wav 60 Funny Skullcowboys definition of funeral-fashion
ep08nogame.wav 20 Funny "No pain, no game!"
ep08gone.wav 110 despair Eric messed with things ... despaired
ep08reallybad.wav 170 dialog Eric (very despaired and sad) with Sarah


No files here have less quality then 22 kHz!!!
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Hope you enjoy the sounds!


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