The cROW I ---- Movie staring with Brandon Lee
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samples of Soundtrack and Score-music

cool sayings:

Size (Kb)
attancen.wav 90 WaV+ "Your are not paying attention!"
alldead.wav 50 mp3 "They are all dead ..."
alldead.wav 15 WaVE- "They are all dead ..."
autsch_2.wav 60 WaV+ In german: "autsch!"
autsch.wav 20 WaV- In german: "autsch!"
autsch.wav 70 MP3 In german: "autsch!"
buh.wav 30 WaV+ "boooh!"
behave.wav 60 MP3 "You tell me, how somebody who comes back from the dead is going to behave ..."
behave.wav 17 WaVE- "You tell me, how somebody who comes back from the dead is going to behave ..."
eachone.wav 90 MP3 "Each one of these is a life ..."
eachone.wav 25 WaVE- "Each one of these is a life ..."
knowgame.wav 120 WaV+ "Don't you know this game?"
nameshelly.wav 130 WaV+ "Her name were Shelly!"
no.wav 30 WaV+ "No."
ericlaugh.wav 115 MP3 Eric laughs
ericlaugh.wav 30 WaVE- Eric laughs
onechance.wav 140 WaV+ "You have one chance to live!"
shelly.wav 40 WaV+ despaired "Shelly"
shellydead.wav 174 WaV+ albrecht: "Shelly Webster is dead, ..."
Tote.wav 120 WaV+ In german: "Tote kommen nicht wieder!"
Wanthim.wav 140 WaV+ "I just want him!"
goldring.wav 50 MP3 "I am looking for an engagement-ring, gold."
goldring.wav 15 WaVE- "I am looking for an engagement-ring, gold."
Hatteweh.wav 60 MP3 In german: "Uh, das hat sicher weh getan!"
Hatteweh.wav 20 WaVE- In german: "Uh, das hat sicher weh getan!"
haveme.wav 40 MP3 "You can have me ...!"
I_move.wav 60 MP3 "I say I am dead, and I move!"
I_move.wav 20 WaVE- "I say I am dead, and I move!"
Insane.wav 50 MP3 "He is completly insane."
Insane.wav 15 WaVE- "He is completly insane."
Irepeat.wav 60 MP3 "I repeat: an gold engagement-ring, yes?"
Irepeat.wav 20 WaVE- "I repeat: an gold engagement-ring, yes?"
knowgame.wav 20 MP3 "Don't you know this game?"
knowgame.wav 6 WaVE- "Don't you know this game?"
let_her_go.wav 70 MP3 "Let her go!"
let_her_go.wav 20 WaVE- "Let her go!"
regards.wav 50 MP3 "Eric Draven sends his regards!"
remember.wav 110 MP3 "You don't remember me? ..."
schreigrab.wav 150 MP3 crying after leaving the crypt
shellywebster.wav 120 MP3 "S.W. is dead, my friend!"
shout.wav 70 MP3 Eric shouts
Stirbnie.wav 35 MP3 In german: "Stirbst Du Schleimscheißer denn nie?"
Tonight.wav 70 MP3 "Death is coming for them, tonight!"
tryagain.wav 30 MP3 "Try harder, try again!"
U_not_u.wav 65 MP3 "You can't be you ...!"
Victims.wav 60 MP3 "Victims are we all!"
wounded.wav 60 MP3 a wounded Eric
boyandbird.wav 40 WaVE- Top: "a boy and his bird!"
clown.wav 70 WaVE- Sarah: "What are you suppose to be? a clown ...?"
fisht-bird.wav 75 WaVE- T-birds remains by Officer
Rainalltime.wav 40 WaVE- "It can't rain all the time!"
badstreet.wav 60 WaVE- albrecht: "bad people on the streets tonight!"
caseofdeath.wav 30 WaVE- Top: "bad case of death!"
childhoodover.wav 100 WaVE- Top: "My dad said: childhood is over ..."
chokedeath.wav 40 WaVE- grange: "Funboy choke to dead!"
darlawoke.wav 60 WaVE- Darla: "Somebody woke me up."
daughterwaiting.wav 17 WaVE- "Your daughter is waiting on the streets."
discover.wav 130 WaVE- Discovery of T-bird
faster.wav 60 WaVE- "Drive faster!"
gideonsaid1.wav 60 WaVE- "gideon says: "..."
hourspain.wav 90 WaVE- "30 hours of pain!"
I_nuts.wav 50 WaVE- Sarah: "I am nuts ..."
jesuswalks.wav 90 WaVE- "Jesus walks into a hotel ...!"
lakeerie.wav 70 WaVE- T-bird: "Lake Erie actually caught on fire ..."
maniana.wav 120 WaVE- Tin-Tin: "Halloween ain't to maniana!"
no_ghosts.wav 70 WaVE- Top: "There are no ghosts!"
nothing_trivial.wav 90 WaVE- "Nothing is trivial!"
nothingkeepapart.wav 90 WaVE- Intro words of Sarah
notimeforus.wav 60 WaVE- Myca: " time for us!"
sarahsongrepeat.wav 70 WaVE- repeated song on Sarah's
sawsomebody.wav 70 WaVE- albrecht: "I say ... somebody!"
skankdead.wav 100 WaVE- Skank: "Skank is dead ..."
smokekills.wav 50 WaVE- "You shouldn't smoke these!"
sorryas_hell.wav 40 WaVE- albrecht: "I am sorry as hell!"
thinair.wav 40 WaVE- albrecht: "Vanish in the thin air again?" ...
topshootthanks.wav 20 WaVE- Top is shooting fat man!
wontfightyou.wav 30 WaVE- "I won't fight you!"
worldcomingto.wav 20 WaVE- T-bird: "What is the world coming to?"
end.wav 70 WaVE- Sarahs last words
Future.wav 23 MP3 "the way of the future"

Full dialogues of the movie:
Size (Kb)
whereiseric.wav 420 WaVE- Shellies leaves Sarah
noonions.wav 230 WaVE- Sarah wants no onions ...
painloft.wav 480 WaVE- Erics first appearance on the loft again
remember1.wav 330 WaVE- Pain of remembering
makeup.wav 340 WaVE- Makes the make-up the first time
pinkas.wav 300 WaVE- Tin-Tin tells the Shelly-story
shitonme.wav 330 WaVE- Eric introduces to gideon
sackshit.wav 170 WaVE- albrecht sees the first crow-painting
hangdowngid.wav 100 WaVE- hang down on gideon's
mysheets.wav 590 WaVE- "Funboy's crow-meeting
Topbirdman.wav 210 WaVE- Top: the man with the bird
fightdarla.wav 130 WaVE- Darla in the bath-room
ericalbrecht.wav 600 WaVE- Long dialog in albrechts appartment
yourpassanger.wav 130 WaVE- Eric wants to make a trip with T-bird
anc_history.wav 400 WaVE- T-birds last words ...
cartoonface.wav 160 WaVE- albrechts suspension
graveempty.wav 170 WaVE- grange tells about the empty grave
takecare.wav 280 WaVE- Sarah enters the loft
devilsnight.wav 550 WaVE- basics of the devil's night by Top
killerofkillers.wav 300 WaVE- Top sees Eris the first time
sarahring.wav 230 WaVE- Sarah gets the ring
gimmegirl.wav 100 WaVE- Eric in church
bleedfine.wav 120 WaVE- Top is the overkill!
iguilty.wav 130 WaVE- Tops explaination to Eric
interview1.wav 430 WaVE- Part 1 of the brandon Lee-interview
interview2.wav 430 WaVE- Part 2 of the brandon Lee-interview
interview3.wav 700 WaVE- Part 3 of the brandon Lee-interview

sounds and funny noises of the movie:
Size (Kb)
crowshort.wav 50 WaV+ crow crows1
Kraehe_2.wav 60 WaV+ crow crows longer
bitSTgitar.wav 60 MP3 Little guitare-part
bitSTgitar.wav 17 WaVE- Little guitare-part
copter.wav 80 MP3 Helicopter flight
bomb.wav 75 MP3 bomb goes OFF
bomb.wav 20 WaVE- bomb goes OFF
crow.wav 35 MP3 crow shouts
crow.wav 10 WaVE- crow shouts
crypt.wav 210 MP3 Leaving the crypt
crypt.wav 60 WaVE- Leaving the crypt
drive.wav 50 MP3 car passes
flame.wav 60 MP3 Flames are burning
flame.wav 17 WaVE- Flames are burning
Hupen.wav 40 MP3 car passes by
introcureST1.wav 290 MP3 Intro the cure
knock.wav 25 MP3 Knocking on gideons door
roof.wav 70 MP3 Flash on roof
Scherben.wav 40 MP3 glass brokes
shotting.wav 35 MP3 big shooting
thunder.wav 20 MP3 Thunder
tore.wav 60 MP3 Open the church-door
wings.wav 90 MP3 crow appears winging


No files here have less quality then 22 kHz!!!
Prefere the MP3-sounds, if possible, - they sound better and are STEREO! They are marked with a blue color!!!!! (but you need a MP3-player to play them ...
Waves WITHOUT a cmpression are marked as WaV+ files with yellow color! They will run on EVERY system, even Win 3.11 or older!!!!!
Most Waves here use the format gSM 6.10 --- that is a compression-format, that makes them MUcH smaller than usual without loosing much of the quality. It runs automatically on all Windows '95 or higher systems, but it runs NOT on apple MacIntosh-computers ... for apple user I have some files in AIFF-format too, just click HERE

Hope you enjoy the sounds!

I like to use them for open-themes of my Windows ...


Note: only for personal-use and ... trust me ... f.e. the song-samples existing on this site are here ONLY to give you all an IMPRESSION/
a short first sight of which tracks are on the CD's ... they are USELESS for further use ...

This site is running by a hugh Crow-fan, NOT any company!
If you want to use the logos here, gimme credit, - I designed them ...
I don't want to get in trouble with copyrights, so you will NOT find here MP3 with CD-quality.
Sample-rates were 22 KHz, 16 bit, most is mono ...and most with a compression, that makes them small,
but not sounding any better.

Special THANKS to Brandon Lee (we all miss you), James O'Barr, Graeme Revell, Mark Dacascos, The Ed Pressman Company (which was contacted and owns the copyrights) and all other Crow-related persons all over the world ... you still make the Crow-mythos stay alive!