(the workprint-tape)

During the big shooting-scene they almost GOT him. By the pure force of bulletimpacts ... ... he was nearly thrown out of the window!
With the sword he cuts a hand .. again blood-pouring bigtime (you see the armstump left on this pic)
...after Skank is done, he standing for a while on the window, ... ... then the cops are entering and they shoot him bigtime right in front of the window. ... after his fall from the roof  through the billboard, he is really weak and hurt, laying on the street ... [videoclip]
... when Albrecht's car arrives he gets up slowly and crawls to the car. at the cemetery: he tries to cheer Sarah up and promises to try to come back again FOR HER! [soundfile]
He swallows hard, when she is leaving.[videoclip]
In the church he is standing on the door for a while and scanning the room.
then he is walking through the middle ship and turning around ... [videoclip] Still searching and scanning everything. walking a few more steps and get to a halt in front of the altar.
After the crow-bird is hurt:
Top appears suddenly behind Eric and goofying and such, while Eric clearly sees Grunge on his right hand ... still aiming at him.
Eric looks like he is going to do SOMETHING, but Grunge shakes his head as a warning.
Then Eric fixes his eyes on Top again.

all cut scenes as videoclips [here] all longer dialogs as soundfiles [here]