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in the meantime Albrecht is on the graves. 
The shot. Eric doesn't realize, that THIS one is real ... he laughs really triumphical ...[videoclip] ... and then he suddenly falls  ...
... on the steps, tries to get up again, Top is rambling, how much FUN it is to make him bleed and such ... LONGER lines here !!! [soundfile] Albrecht, alarmed by the shot, gets his weapons and runs to the church. The crow (on the right) is funnily ducking, when Grunge is aiming with his gun on it. 
Eric gets up from the flour, when Albrecht gets to him. They both 'go' to the bell-tower ...
... where Albrecht asks him: "What happened?"
Eric: "I got shot!"
Albrecht: "I SEE you got shot, but I thought you are invinciable?"
Eric: "I am not any longer ... SORRY!" and gives him this gaze ... =) [soundfile + videoclip]
Eric is very weak, when he climbs up the stairs, after Albrecht got shot. But on half of the way, he is gathering what is left of his strength!

all cut scenes as videoclips [here] all longer dialogs as soundfiles [here]
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