(the workprint-tape)

...DANCING ... [videoclip] ...unfortunatelly NOT very gracefull, really funny, but good, that they cut such shit !! ... he is smaching the guitare, but from a long distant shot ... and then, when he is done ...
... when he is done ... .... he just ... [videoclip] sits down again, or at least is sort of crawling there.
Eric is entering Top Dollars room visible through the open window sits down on the table and says something like: "I suppose, you all wonder, why I ordered this appointment?" and he laughs bigtime. [videoclip]
Top says: "Oh, I HATE partycrackers!"
When they shoot him off the table, his fall takes much longer Cutting one's throat, a THICK bloodstream is pouring UP in the air ...

all cut scenes as videoclips [here] all longer dialogs as soundfiles [here]
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