(the workprint-tape)

The kiddies search him for guns ...
[you can watch this scenes when buying the special Crow 1 DVD or the 3-Crow-DVD-box]
and are impressed by the one he has ... he 
throws the kid into the shelfs to get to the leaving T-Bird ...
... but the kiddies run after him and he gets a shot into his left shoulder, when he is on the street (by his own gun).
Flashback in the loft: Eric and Shelly ... giggling, playing, Eric is turning off his clothes LOOK CLOSE, he is wearing GLASSES! yeah, GLASSES .... hehehe =)
The making-love scenes are longer as well, and when Sarah enters the loft, he says: "I do care, Sarah, and you are not alone any more!" [soundfile]
Long shot on Eric on the roof playing guitarre.
A very long scene even different music there ... 
... sitting, then ... ... standing up and ...

all cut scenes as videoclips [here] all longer dialogs as soundfiles [here]