(the workprint-tape)
After he healed Darla she asks him:
"How did you do that ?" [soundclip]
Eric: "Magic!" [videoclip]
Later in Albrechts appartment :
Alb.: "... you have been buried ... !"
Eric: "Yeah, I did!" [soundfile]
Albrecht is very uncertain what to do with this dead guy, and Eric is following him through the whole appartement. [soundfile] Albrecht is rambling and very uncertain, much more as in the theatre-release, where he appears much more calm and cool. [soundfile] Eric takes the beer from the refrig, and looks very long on the plate there ... funny
long shot on Erics face, when Albrecht says:
"I am so sorry, what happened to you and your girl-friend."
Eric inside of  the T-Bird, longer shot when he orders: "DRIVE!" [soundfile] In the meanwhile kiddies with guns are entering the drug-store with Skank within ...

all cut scenes as videoclips [here] all longer dialogs as soundfiles [here]
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