(the workprint-tape)
this is one of the scenes, used for digital effects ... instead of walking through the alley they put him walking through the loft-door (at the theatre-version). FLASHBACK in loft: Eric is holded firmly by T-Bird's men and you can clearly see all the different bullets touring through his chest (much longer than the wellknown scene)!
the blue-screen-shot of Eric's fall ...
the blue-screen-shot of the jump out of the window ...

After a look on his hands (NOT healing) he falls into unconsciousness!!!

When he is sitting on the table later, then he opens the left drawer and finds such a candle-holder ... more flashbacks ...
Then he finds this ring-box, EMPTY !!
After putting his clothes on, he is going to the window, but instead him here, the first time in make-up you see just:
a blue-window ...
This is a jump over roof-tops ... all this scenes of running up there are much longer than usual!

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