(the workprint-tape)

After jumping down to the alley, where Tin-Tin is, he lays there, actually dead and not breathing, but suddenly he takes a breath ... and ... recognizes with astonishment, that he still 'lives', or lives again ... after THAT he laughs!!!
GIDEON's Pawnshop: Brandon is quoting Poe with a funny accent, [soundclip]
but later, the shooting-scene is longer performed by him ...
Gideon's stabbed bloody hand is much clearer to see in the scenes here! After he found Shellies ring, he gives us THIS gaze !!! HELL, why did they CUT this  ?????? [videoclip] He looks just like an angry cat to the howling Gideon and stands up with a very amazing grace.
After the explosion of Gideon's shop Eric just stands there and throws the gun into the flames ... [videoclip] After he has left the confused Albrecht on the street [longer dialog soundfile], he is standing on the top of the roofs and is watching the cops arriving.

all cut scenes as videoclips [here] all longer dialogs as soundfiles [here]