(the workprint-tape)
Eric avoiding the sword ...
They both go further down on the rooftop of a side-ship there ... Top is more powerful than Eric ... Eric manages to throw Top one flour deaper and climbs back to the main-roof to help Sarah.
Eric doesn't look back, but of course, Top is on his feet again and following the slow and weak Eric (it is a really long walk back to Sarah). Eric shouts to Sarah: "Hold on, Darling!"
but then he collapses with a curse: "Oh, god!"
The monologue of Top after stabing Eric is slightly longer as well ... and Eric is coighing and MUCH weaker in this scene ...
He says: "WAIT!" and then his line, but with a different tone somehow .. [soundfile] "30 hours .... 30 hours!" he is repeating ... A funny splattering dummy-scene with Top's corpse.

all cut scenes as videoclips [here] all longer dialogs as soundfiles [here]
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