(the workprint-tape)

There were rumours of a tape with the original Crow-version, the Director's cut, the version with the Skullcowboy.
MOST of the rumours were true!
There IS a tape there, only very few people have seen it ... it is not really a Director's Cut, the scenes of the Skullcowboy are missing, BUT it contains MUCH longer dialogues, different cuts of scenes, different lines sometimes, and even a different MEANING !!!

It is without most of the music, only a few songs of the soundtrack, but nothing of the score ... it is like a rough-version, like an unfinished one ... they did not even added the digital effects there.
Instead they show this on the screen, everytime when they planned to place the effects:

And sometimes you can take a look behind film-shooting, when you see such a shot:

Eric's falling into the blue screen instead of falling down on the streets ...

Funny? Yeah, it is, it is the closest version to a 'DIRECTOR'S CUT' I have ever seen ...

BUT unfortunatelly it might be the 1001st copy of the original tape, so I had not really the chance, to take REALLY good pics. :-(
But I try to explain the differences to the theatre-version as good as possible ...
Videoclips of it [here], sound-clips of the longer or different dialogues [here]

Click here to look at the ... pix-show