This site is dedicated to the memory of Matt "Greenspider" Green, who passed away in May 1999. Sleep with angels, Matt.




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by Edge

Welcome to the Crowtry website. This is the culmination of one man's idea. That man has moved onto the next world, but this remains as his legacy to this planet. Our friend Greenspider asked the fellow members of his mailing list if they would be willing to contribute anything that had to do with The Crow or Eric Draven, both characters created by James O'Barr and later immortalised by Brandon Lee in the feature film The Crow.

For weeks he asked for and received more and more things. There were poems, paintings, stories, thoughts about Brandon Lee and his passing during the shooting of the film, drawings, more thoughts about the mysterious 'Lee Curse' that took the lives of Brandon and his father Bruce, and other things that are just too large to mention.

Most of the things were sent through our list so that evrybody on the list could approve of he things as they were going through to Greenspider. Having those things, Greenspider knew that he was missing something. An introduction to our world, the world of these fans of The Crow franchise itself.

This is when he got in touch with me and asked me to write the introduction foreword to it all. Looking back on it all, I am honored to have been given such a task by such a wonderful human being. Now that he is gone, I consider it my duty to do this for him and for everyone else that has put in the time and effort to get this somewhere now that Greenspider has passed on.

Now for the dedications:

First to Greenspider: Thank you for the effort and time to put this project together for us. Thank you for being patient when we ran into snags producing something and had to take one or two days more to do it and get it to you. Thank you for leaving such a wonderful legacy behind you for us to finish so that future generations can know who we were and are and know who you were as well.

Rest In Peace, Friend. You've earned every second of your eternal rest.

Second, to all the Eric Dravens and Shelly Websters of our lives: Thank you for being there for us to love, talk to, laugh with, cry with, comfort in bad times, and everything else that comes with the game. Thanks to you, there is only one universal truth that we know:

Real Love Is Forever.

Third, to the people on TheCrowFans mailing list: at times we have disagreed and argued about different things, but when we needed to do this for one of our fallen friends, we banded together and got the wheels turning again. Be proud of yourselves and our accomplishment.

Fourth, to you, the reader of this: You have come here seeking knowledge, and by doing so you have continued a legacy that will endure the sands of time and continue for many more generations to come.

Greenspider would be proud of you.

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